Few whispers

’You smelled something familiar, but forgotten so long ago. Your scent vibrate as thousands of membranes, as your own tone of voice. What you need to be…

War of the Elements

 The eternal war between fire and water. Battle of the Elements…What is the dying fire that was tamed by the falling rain? If water can…


 Work on creating characters change the mind. Sometimes author become someone else, the imaginary person. He take over the worst characters and lose himself into darkness.How…


Celia, the Whitehaired Vampire*markers


I present Whisper, the narrator of my storybook.

Sketches of Muna

 Muna is one of my witches. She belongs to fire and has very hot temperament.

Yuna process

New way to digital painting and new witch, Yuna!This is first process. I want to make more details, but I’m not patient.